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CronTAX is more than just an accountant; they’re my business confidante, always there to help steer me in the right direction. With years of experience preparing taxes for businesses and individuals, CronTAX knows what they’re doing. You can trust them to get the job done quickly and accurately, so you can focus on running your business.

Amanda Lee

CEO & Founder Crix

Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be a headache. CronTAX makes the process much easier, with an online system that is straightforward and well organized. My appointed tax consultant was diligent in asking for information about me to ensure he was filing all my information properly.

Timothy Stevens

CEO at Dynamic

When you’re looking for a tax preparation service that will take care of everything, look no further than CronTAX. They made sure my return is done right and helped me get the most out of my refund. Plus, their team is experienced in all things tax-related, so you can be sure your return will be in good hands. 

Catherine Gilbert

Director at Initech

I can undoubtedly testify that CronTAX is the best income tax preparation company out there! They have amazing customer service and will make sure your return is done correctly. I will recommend them to anyone, any day!

Nicole Peterson

President At Acme

The staff at CronTAX is thorough, careful, and patient. The tax plan they’ve created for me to use was also comprehensive and easy-to-understand – I recommend them without hesitation!

Jose Johnson

CEO at Globex

CronTAX is a reliable and affordable accounting service that prepares my taxes quickly and efficiently. They help me stay organized and informed about my tax situation, so I can make the most informed decisions for my business. 

Benjamin Patel

CFO at Soylent

I was looking for a tax planning expert that can help my business grow and came to know about CronTAX! Their firm has years of experience in the industry and knows exactly how to help businesses like mine achieve their goals.

Rebecca Harrison

President at Hooli

The team of experienced professionals at CronTAX helped me prepare my end-of-year service charge accounts, provide general accountancy advice, and more. They offer an unbeatable service at competitive prices, so I can rest assured that my finances are in good hands.

Sarah Sanchez

Ceo & Founder Vehement

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